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Beyond SymbolSource

We are best known for creating and operating SymbolSource – the central, open and free repository of symbols (PDB files) for .NET libraries. The idea for this service came from our daily development process, which was greatly enhanced by introducing a symbol and source server to the mix. We set out to improve the toolset available for this task, and today, with SymbolSource integrated seamlessly with NuGet, and equally participating in the recent shift in distribution of .NET binaries, we believe we are delivering on that promise.

SymbolSource is only one of the tools that help us succeed in projects undertaken for our clients. Being successful requires choosing the right tool for the job, which in our case means using .NET and C# as core technologies or developing in PHP with Drupal as the base platform.

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Our main area of expertise is custom web applications, which we develop using the .NET Framework, mostly with the MVC pattern. The rich ecosystem of .NET technologies and libraries enables us to effectively build robust standards-complaint solutions.


When requirements mainly cover various forms of content management, Drupal, the open-source CMS, web framework and a rich set of contributed modules, is often the best choice. We are equally skilled at configuring Drupal installations as extending them with our own code.

Why pick us

We have already been chosen by a number of companies, including banks, e-commerce operators, promising startups and Microsoft – for the NuGet <=> SymbolSource integration.

Because of our many research projects, our clients can rest assured that the best available technologies are used to develop solutions for them.

The results of our work are always provided under warranty, during which technical support and bug fixes are provided free of charge.

We employ the values of corporate social responsibility by operating SymbolSource and contributing patches to Drupal core and modules, and other open-source projects.

In our work, we always follow well established standards and best practices, to provide robust and maintainable solutions as quickly as possible.

We join forces with proven interface designers and interactive agencies, to give our applications the best usability and looks.

Recent projects

Over the years, Caliper has been trusted with various projects, ranging from internal and public web applications to line-of-business desktop tools and server-side components interfacing with industry automation systems. We invite you to have a look at our showcase for a better understanding of the types of solutions we are most experienced at building. For the the full portfolio have a look at the Projects page.


A central and open repository of symbols (PDB files), free for all developers to use. It makes debugging of .NET code much easier by enabling source stepping of third party libraries.


A document exchange platform designed for secure, restricted access to sections of publications used primarily in the process of Due Diligence

Intranet based on Drupal 7

Covering news, browser of company structure, document repository, subsites based on organic groups, forum, real-time moderated chat, notification system, single sign-on with Active Directory

TwójNZOZ ("Your Health Care Facility")

An integrated platform for managing privately held health-care facilities, reporting to national funding institutions and exchanging information with patients: on-line scheduling of visits and accessing prescriptions


A SCORM-compatible e-learning platform for employee training departments, supporting the entire employee training process, from course management to participation reports

TwójPodatek ("YourTaxes")

A service to help people working abroad fill out their tax return declarations of various European countries, built around an easy to extend dynamic form engine